JL Beers

This is an app project I did as a side project. I had to add some features to the existing iOS and Android app. I worked with a Rest api to add the features. I added an events section, ability to favorite locations, push notifications on new events you favorite, a section where you can vote on beers to be next on tap, and optimized the data sync on the iOS version.

iOS Portfolio

This is an app I did to show off some Swift skills in iOS. I used Parse.com for the backend. On the backend, I can add new portfolio items whenever, and it will update in the app. The contact form is also using Parse. When you fill it out, it will show the message in Parse backend. Below is a Github link for the project.

Bison Media

This is an app for the Bison College Football team. You are able to view bison news, photos, schedule,videos, live coverage, and social feed. The biggest challenge I implemented on here was probably the photos. There are user photos and our photos. The user photos use Parse as a backend, and our photos are just grabbed from a json feed. I implemented the ability for a user to upload photos.(it has a moderated backend too) It was kind of challenging because I had to use 2 different collectionviews(1 for users and another for ours), but the same controller, so in the code I had to detect which uicollectionview was what.

Now Apps

These apps are basically a white-label apps I helped build. There are a total of 10 of them, and they use the same code base, but different data. They pull in news articles and receive breaking news push notifications. On Android, I used product flavors to make it easy to deploy the apps.


Search local jobs on your phone. I added the abilities to sort by categories, sort by location radius, save jobs, and save searches. I also added JobFinder, which you will receive a daily push notification on new jobs you subscribe to.

Agweek Video Marketplace

This is an app I help developed at Forum Communications. This app is using the Parse backend api. It also can receive push notifications on new videos.


This is an app I helped developed while working at Forum Communications. I developed it natively on iOS and Android. You can watch live news and news clips. It also has Chromecast integration, so you can cast the news clips to a Chromecast device. It also has push notifications on breaking live news.

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